Elena Fyseki


Logo design & brand identity for Cretan Malia Park,

a luxury resort in Crete, Greece


Cretan Malia Park, Sbokos Hotel Group




Art Direction, Concept


Cretan Malia Park is a luxury resort, based in Crete, Greece.


Logo, brand identity, corporate presentations and internal communication for the resort. We were inspired by the decoration and the resort’s mood; all the inside and outer space of the resort is inspired by a bohemian style, embracing the freedom of the spirit and the ultimate calmness.

The logo is inspired by the resort's gardens and the various plants that every customer can see there. We also made a full custom iconography inspired by the decoration, the walls and the patterns in the resort. We took values that represent the resort and visualise them.

The logo

Logo print

Icons created for various usage in the hotel.

Patterns and color palette are inspired from the hotel’s decoration.

Printed logo on the hotel’s products.

Business cards proposal.

Menu for the hotel’s restaurant. In this menu, the icon dictionary is referred to the icons/language that created for the brand identity.

Website proposal. In this approach, the user see the hotel through experiences that connects with nature, sea, sand.

Business cards proposal.

Campaign proposal. The user experiences the hotel’s atmosphere through nature sounds that can listen when visits the Cretan Malia Hotel.

Logo is applied on printed materials for internal usage.

Other logo proposals

Other logo proposals

Other logo proposals

Other logo proposals

Other logo proposals